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How we work

Our organization give uttermost importance to the persona and the characters of the person if they can work together with us because we believe that the organization is an average of people in it. We have a talented team, we will have a great company since our work culture allows you to have freedom, creativity, presenting and providing feedback. We give importance to these 5 values.


Growth Mindset

The person who can upgrade their skills in every way through endeavours and take a failure as a part of the success.


Put on someone else shoes before yours, try to understand another person view without judging them.

Team Oriented

Put the team first. The team goals are what is to be achieved just like a sports team.

Builder & Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills and someone who builds along to help the organization grows fast.


Set a target to achieve the goals without giving out along the way. Believe in the team that builds together and commit to the goals.


What We Don't Do

Talk Behind Others

Any issues you must talk in front of your team members

Spread Negativity

This is not a place for negativity. Positive is a must.

Comment over Contribute

Commenting is easier than doing. We believe in those who build rather than comment


"Internship Program"

We are an organization that does not hire easily and the process of hiring is lengthy taking up to 3 rounds of interviews and testing. An internship program is a shortcut route towards being hired to our organization because during the 3-month internship you will learn Growth Hacking, basic of different work, an understanding of the work process and the culture of the company.

We are open to apply for an Internship Program throughout the year, and it is compulsory that only students can apply. We are open to people between the age of 18-27 who has a passion for working and are ready to give their time into working hard and securing their future. In the Internship Program, you will work on a real project, learn the real results and receive feedback from the experts. If you want to work in the digital industry, interning at our organization will be the right first step for you which will lead to the job you need in the future.


What we do in 2020

Company Session



  • Happy birthday gift
  • +5,000 THB refer friends to join our company
  • 5% refer clients (Non-sales team)
  • 5,000 THB "For Team Awards" per quarter
  • Company dinner every month
  • Company trip every year
  • Health, Travel or Entertainment gift
  • Personalize program for your happiness
  • ESOP program
  • Career path program
  • Management training
  • Career growth
  • Partner program
  • Investment or others opportunity


Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.
Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of General Electric